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Guide To Selling Your Real Estate (and importance of Insurance)

One of the things that are most searched by Googlers is how to sell their house quickly.

Despite how many homeowners there are in Houston, when it comes to buying and selling real estate, there is so much people don't know.

So, let's take a look at some of the most common (and uncommon) tips to getting your house sold quickly.

Repairs and Maintenance increase value, but they don't have to be done all at once

This one is common:

Repair some of the things in your home to increase its value and get it prepared for sale.

And while this is totally true, it just sucks that every homeowner has to go through the same exact process right when they want to sell their home.

But what if you aren't able to make those repairs?

You lose out on all the equity you may have built with your home and the buyers essentially have massive leverage when trying to negotiate with your home.

So, how do you prevent this from happening?

You go with a homeowners insurance and home warranty.

Yea, I know what you're thinking, but hear me out...

Homeowners insurance can prevent a situation where you've got to pay out of pocket to repair damage to your house's structure.

For example, this home insurance in Pearland (right outside of Houston), is known for being on of the top that have actually saved some home owners from losing everything.

Home warranties can keep you from having to pay out of pocket for appliances that break down in the home. 

This is insanely valuable when you're trying to sell a house and suddenly that a/c breaks down.

Believe me, I've had that happen and it's not fun shelling out an additional $2,500 right when you're trying to make the sale.

Additionally, your potential buyers are going to feel more confident in the home when you show them that it's been covered and repaired as soon as any issues had come up throughout the life of the home where you owned it.

AND you're going to be removing some major negotiating power from the buyers which gives you a much higher chance of getting market value for your home.

Now, what everyone recommends, making sure your home has curb appeal

Look, there's really no doubt about it:

Curb appeal is massively important to your home's value.

And here's why...

Curb appeal is marketing, and marketing is all about human psychology. 

Whether you're meeting someone for the first time, looking at a new restaurant dish, or seeing a home, your brain makes a judgement about it before you even consciously realize it, within a fraction of a second.

When someone rolls up to your home, they have already decided if they like it or not from that first impression before they even have a chance to logically think about it.

This is why curb appeal is so immensely important.

Get a fresh coat of paint on the exterior, do some basic landscaping and make sure the lawns are clean, get some pressure washing done on the driveway, walkway, siding, and front door, among other things.

Curb appeal will essentially make the sale for you. 

If your home looks the best it can as soon as someone pulls into your driveway, then you're going to pre-frame the potential buyer into thinking the home looks great before they even step foot inside.

Negotiations can make a deal go quickly

Negotiating is something that is just going to be expected in any real estate deal.

Generally what happens is that the buyer wants to feel like they got a good deal and the seller wants to feel like they got a good deal.

As a seller, you likely have a price point in mind that you're targeting.

There are two things to do as the seller to help push negotiations along and also feel like you didn't get screwed out of the deal.

The first is try to set your price slightly higher than your target number, just because you are going to give yourself room to drop it and let the buyer feel like they got a better deal.

The second is to make sure you're not expecting to get top-dollar at supposed market value. 

That expectation is a great way to make sure you end up disappointed. 

In most cases, if your home is appraised at a certain value, you're not going to get that much for it simply because of the negotiation process.

The buyer is almost always going to find some way to either get you to drop the price (so they feel like they got a good deal), or they're simply just going to find something else that will satisfy that requirement.

This is the most common thing that prevents a house from being sold quickly.

When you really need to sell quickly, listing it through the traditional process may not be the best option

As we discussed on our page about foreclosure, sometimes the regular sales process is simply too slow.

In times when you need to get a home sold quickly, one of the best options is to not deal with listing agents, buyer showings, and negotiations with them.

One of the best options will actually be to find a home investor that's willing to pay cash for your house.

These investors are there to make profit on homes, so they're going to give you an offer that's low compared to market value.

But they are going to be paying all costs and fees associated with the property and you don't have to make any repairs on the home.

Additionally, you're not going to lose 6% on commissions or wait 2 months to get it sold.

In some cases, selling to an investor actually isn't that much less than a traditional sale because of the fees you pay for closing, repairs, negotiation drops, and commissions.

Sacrificing a little more value to get it done quickly is often something that homeowners opt in for.

While there are other tips, these are the most important

Hopefully you've found some useful tips here. 

We're going to continue adding more in future posts related to getting your home sold and maximizing the value for it.

But the most important thing is to think like a buyer --

What would you be looking for if you're the buyer?

What would turn you on or off from the home?

If you can get these questions answered while being in their shoes, then you can handle all those issues before you get buyers looking at the home.

And if all else fails or you're on a tight timeline, talk to home buyer company to get your home sold quickly.


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